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Human Resources Development Division

Programs implemented by the Human Resource Development Division aim to create an excellent industrial relationship and a work environment with industrial peace through the development of social dialogue and workplace cooperation to increase the productivity and efficiency of the functional private and semi-government sector institutions in Sri Lanka.

1. Awareness
To create a good work environment full of industrial peace, private and semi-public sector employees are aware of social dialogue, workplace cooperation, and existing labor laws.
In order to promote social discourse and workplace cooperation, programs are conducted by the Human Resource Development Division and Zonal Labor Offices, the District Labor Offices and Sub-Labor Offices at the institutional level and at the sectoral level. It includes the following:
  • Enterprise level
  • Trade Unions
  • Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce
  • Sri Lanka Board of Investment
  • Employers’ federation
  • Industrial Parks
  • Vocational training institutes
  • Universities
  • Disable employees
  • Semi-goverment institutions
  • A/Level & O/Level school students
It is conducted for the members of employees' families, which covers the private sector, semi-public sector and public sector institutions.

2. Advisory Councils
Advisory councils are held to promote the tripartite dialogue of employers, employees and the government to promote workplace cooperation through social dialogue. District advisory councils to cover all districts of the island and sub-labor offices and zonal advisory councils to represent zonal labor offices. There will be a discussion about the need for new regulations and amendments to the existing labor laws.

3. Guidance service to promote industrial peace
The employees related to the private sector and semi-government sectors do not give proper attention to the problems they face in their career and, some issues that arise in the organizations escalate into industrial disputes. Through implementing support services we provide guidance for employees to solve problems related to their professional life without breakout as disputes.

4. Publishing activities
Prime work and Kathikawa magazines are published annually to social dialogue and workplace cooperation concepts and related topics, and manuals and posters for social dialogue and workplace cooperation promotion awareness workshops are also published here. The labor law manual published by our department will be updated with the labor law amendments. The manual, currently published as a Sinhala medium, will be translated and edited into English and Tamil.

5. Issuing quality certificates
The private and semi-government sector organizations can apply for this certificate biannually. The applications are then forwarded to the committee for verification and inspection on respective criteria. Organizations will be awarded excellent, good, satisfactory and poor grading based on the marks.
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