Calling applications for recruitment to the Grade III of Drivers’ Service in the combined Service

Applications are invited from qualified male applicants, in terms of the approval of Director General of Combined Services in order to fill the existing vacancies in the Grade III ofDrivers Service in the Department of Labour.


1.0Method of recruitment

Appointment to existing vacancies, will be made from amongst the applicants those who have fulfilled the qualifications mentioned in the notice, based on their results of professional test and general interview conducted by the boardofinterview approved by the director general of combined services.

1.1.The number of appointments and effective date of appointment will be decided on the order of the Director General of Combined services. The appointing authority has the power to fill or not to fill some or all the vacancies or to fill only a part of vacancies.

1.2.According to the minute on Drivers’ Service dated 15th 08 2014, professional test will be conducted in keeping with the marking scheme mentioned under para 07 of this notice.


2.1.Educational qualifications

Should have passed G.C.E. O/L examination in not more the two sittings in six subjects at least with two credits including Sinhala / Tamil.

2.2.Professional Qualifications

(i)Should possess a driving licence issued by the Commissioner General of motor traffic with regard to driving of private/hiring cars and station wagons tare of which is less than 24 cwt ( Should possess at least a licence of categories of vehicle C and C1 or category B according to new driving licences which obtained before three years as at the date of requirement)

(ii)Should have a fair knowledge on the Highway Code.

2.3 Experience

Should possess three years experience as a vehicle driver (Experience should be supported by certificates)

2.4Physical Fitness

Minimum height should be 05 feet.

Should be of sound physical health and good eye-sight so as to perform duties during day and night. That should be proved by a certificate issued by Government Medical Officer on form health 307.

2.5Other Qualifications

(a)Should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.

(b)he applicant should have an excellent moral character.

(c)Should have completed in every respect the qualifications under 2.0 and 3.0 which required for recruitment to the post, as at the date mentioned in the applications calling notice.

(d)Should not be an unsuitable person to be appointed to the government service in terms of chapter V of the Procedures and Rules of the Public Service Commission.

3.0Age Limit

Applicants should not be less than 18 years and not more than 45 years as at the closing date of applications.

Note :-Maximum age limit will not apply to the applicants who are already holding permanent and pensionable post in Public Service.

4.0Terms of employment and service conditions.

(I)This post is permanent. Officers will be subjected to the future policy decision regarding the pension scheme applicable to this post.

(II)The appointment is subject to probation period of 03 years.

(III)1st efficiency bar should be passed before laps of 03 years from the date of appointment.

(IV)In terms of public administration circular No.7/2007 and incidental circulars there to, the relevant proficiency on other official language should be acquired within 05 years from the date of appointment to the post in addition to the language in which entered the service. Officers who entered the service in a language medium which is not an official language should acquire prescribed proficiency language within probation period.

(V)A selected candidate will be appointed to Grade III in drivers ‘service subject to general conditions governing the appointments in public service, procedural rules of Public Service Commission, Financial regulations, provisions in Establishments Code and amendments made to them, other departmental orders, terms and conditions in the minute on driver’s service dated 14th 08 2014 and amendments made to it hereafter.

(VI)Selected candidates should serve in any part of the Island in which they are called upon to serve.

(VII)If selected for the above post you will be required to serve in this Department for three years period.

5.0Salary scale

Rs. 25,790-10x270-10x300-10x330-12x350- Rs. 38,990/- Monthly (salary code PL-3-2016as per public administration circular No: 03/2016 dated 25.02.2016. Payments will be made according to the schedule II of the said circular)


Applicants’ qualification scrutinizing interview and practical test will be held on the same date on the approval of the Director General of Combined Services. Applicants who have fulfilled the qualifications will be appointed to Grade III in the drivers service strictly following the merit order of the marks. Applicant should clearly mentioned in the application form the language medium in which they preferred to appear for the interview and the interview will be conducted in that language medium.

7.0Below mentioned marking scheme will be based for the professional test






(i) Competence in driving



(ii)Practical knowledge in highway rules



(iii)Basic knowledge in motor mechanism



7.1General Interview

Objective : - Scrutinizing basic qualifications required for recruitment. Marks will not be given.

Note :- Experience in the post, educational qualifications, and extra activities should be supported by acceptable certificates. Those qualifications should be valid as at the closing date of applications.

8.0Identities of candidates

8.1.Candidates, only those have forwarded applications completed in every respect, will be called for interview.

8.2.Originals of all the certificates and duly certified copies should produce at the interview.

8.3.One of the following documents should be produced to the board of interview in order to prove the identity of candidates.

(i)Valid National Identity card issued by the Department of Registration of Persons.

(ii)Valid pass port.

9.0Accurate information should be furnished with utmost care in filling the application form. If any applicant found to be unsuitable in the process of securitizing qualifications, his candidature is liable to be cancelled at any time. In the case of an information furnished by an applicant is found to be untrue, he is liable to be dismissed from public service.

10.0Forwarding of applications.

10.1 The application from should be forwarded in accordance’s with the specimen application attached to this notice. The applications which do not conform to the specimen application and incomplete applications will be rejected without any notice. The consequence of not duly completing applications has to be borne by the applicants themselves. (It might be useful for the applicant to keep a photo copy of the application.)

10.2 Duly completed application should be sent under registered post or handed over personally to the Commissioner General of Labour" Department of Labour"Colombo 05 on or before 26.062018The term “Recruitment to Grade III of drivers service - 2018” should be marked on the top left hand corner of the envelope containing the application. Any application received after that date will not be accepted. Any complaint regarding the loss or delay of applications in the post will not be entertained.

11.0 All the applicants who have forwarded their applications on or before the prescribed date will be called for the structured interview by the Commissioner General of Labour on the prior assumption that only the persons possessing the qualifications mentioned in the notice have applied for the post. However, calling for interview shall not be considered as the applicant has fulfilled the qualifications required for the post. The candidature of an applicant will be cancelled, if it is revealed during the time of scrutinizing the application in the interview that the applicant has not fulfilled the required qualifications according to the notice.

12.0Director General of Combined Services shall decide on any matter not mentioned herein. All applicants are bound to act in accordance with the general terms and conditions mentioned in this notice.

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