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Registration of Trade Unions and Trade Union Federations


  • Trade unions in public/private sector which are qualified to register as per trade union ordinance.
  • Amalgamated organizations (Federations) which are formed by amalgamation of two or more presently active registered trade unions.

Method of submitting application

Places where application form could be obtained:-

7th floor, Trade Union Division, Labour Secretariat.

Required application forms can be downloaded here

Payment for application. :-

No charge.

Time to submit application:-

Before lapse of three months from the date of the meeting decided to form the relevant union/federation and register such union/federation.

Fees paying to obtain this service

Only a stamp to the value mentioned in the application form.

Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

Subject to maximum of 14 days upon the accuracy of information provided.

Necessary Supporting documents


(a)   ‘B’ form completed according to instruction provided

(b)   The constitution prepared according to the ‘extract’ provided or duly completed ‘extract’ provided

(c)   A copy of the minutes of the inaugural meeting

(d)   A copy of the attendance sign-in sheet relevant to inaugural meeting


Every union that wish to federate should submit below mentioned documents in addition to the documents mentioned in above (i)

(a)   A copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the proposal on federations was confirmed

(b)   A copy of the attendance sign-in sheet, relevant to the meeting mentioned in above (a)

(c)   ‘H’ form signed by 7 members including secretary of the union who attended the meeting in above (a) (Notification on federation)

Staff Officers in charge of the Service






Assistant Commissioner of Labour

Trade Union




Exceptions, instances not included above and special information


Application Form

Required application forms can be downloaded here

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