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Notifying on Accidents


As mentioned in Factories Ordinance section 61.

Method of submitting application

Places where the Form 10 could be obtained:-

Included in the General Register.

Industrial Safety Division, District Factory Inspection Engineer’s office & here

Payment for submitting Form 10 :-

No charge

Time to submit Form 10:-

  • Fatal- Immediately
  • Non fatal- If 3 days loss of wages 4th day fill & send the Form 10 to DFIE Office.

Fees paying to obtain this service

No service charge

Period taken to provide the Service (Ordinary Service and Priority Service)

A define time cannot be stated.

Necessary Supporting documents

  • Documents mentioned in Factories Ordinance
  • Accident notification from Form 10 and C.F.I.E.-1

Staff Officers in charge of the Service





Commissioner of Labour & CFIE

Industrial Safety Division



Regional District Factory Inspecting Engineers Regional DFIE offices Click Here -

Exceptions, instances not included above and special information


Application Form (Attach form)

Required application forms can be downloaded here

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